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IC Systems
Main address: 444 Highway 96 East 55164 St. Paul MN 
888-735-0516, , clientservice@icsystem.com
  • 209+3 mobile complaints
  • $33.3K claimed losses
  • $157 average
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  • Aug 14
  • Collection Agencies
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Bill Payment
  • 16

You ppl are complaining about the calls you wouldn't get them if you paid your bills it's not ic systems fault it's the original creditors fault there the ones who put your broke *** in collections.. What's the point if you paid it on time an saved you ignorant comments an found a job an save those dumb *** excuses for someone who cares think about it how do they get UR info...now you mad at the... Read more

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Whats so hard about paying ur bills? I mean I get the idea of them calling u to pay ur debt but really they dont care bc in the end, its not its not ic that will have a bad credit report. Itll be the consumers. Why would u even go and get services if u cant even afford it? Common sense people, getit together. Add comment

  • Jul 24
  • Collection Agencies
  • Repeated Calls
  • 66

I have owned this phone number for almost 2 years. I use it STRICTLY as an outbound work line and NEVER give the number out. Somehow this company has gotten this number and CLAIMS I gave it to them, I did not! I know this because I NEVER give it to ANYONE!! I don't even know the number by heart, I need to look it up if I am ever in need of it. They have been repeatedly asked to stop using the... Read more

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OMG!!! These idiots have called my landline 4x today....the 4th if July. Clearly, it's some kind of robo call because businesses are closed for the holiday. I have them blocked on caller id, so my phone only rings a 1/2 ring. I have never received a letter from them abd they need to stop the harassing calls. Add comment

  • Jun 11
  • Real Estate
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Apartment Complex Debt
  • 62

I had a letter sent to my by I.C Systems stating that I had a debt from an apartment complex for $412. I first spoke with a Porshe and told her the balance was wrong because I paid the apartment complex $206. She said she would call them to verify the payment (never did). I called back the following week and spoke with a Bonnie and asked what should be the next course of action because I... Read more

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  • Jun 04
  • Collection Agencies
  • Bartow, Florida
  • Customer Bullying
  • 1
  • 107

In 2008 my daughter was seen at the hospital for a sever reaction to an antibiotic. Through a billing error, my account was sent to this company. I was called by them for 3 months, each call ended in the same result. They could not locate any information in their system as to why they were contacting me. Finally, after months of this, I kept the girl on the phone until we figured out that the... Read more

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  • May 19
  • Collection Agencies
  • Clifton, New Jersey
  • Harassing Calls
  • 50

I have stage 4 cancer and i have been contacted relentlessly by these charlatans who don't seem to understand that you cannot get blood from a stone. I have been dealing with medical bills and the general expenses of living, to have such poor and sneaky behavior on the phone is a clear indicator that these people do not have anyone's best interest in mind, it's all about the money and I... Read more

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  • Feb 27
  • Collection Agencies
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Harassing Phone Calls
  • 182

I've been getting calls from these irritating, rude people at IC System - 5 of them so far - and I am fed up with it! So today I went online to do some research on them, to find out who they are, and if others are having similar problems with them. One thing I found was this:... Read more

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  • Jan 03
  • Collection Agencies
  • Tooele, Utah
  • Data Verification
  • 150

Was challenge by this company and asked to verify my name which I did. Then I was asked to verify my address which I then requested to know the purpose of the call. I wash not told the purpose of the call and was told I was being uncooperative and was then hung up on. I attempted to call the number back and could not get through to a real person. I looked the company up online and found several... Read more

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