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  • Sep 28
  • Collection Agencies
  • Seal Beach, California
  • Payments
  • 74

I received a letter from this IC System saying I owe Cogent Healthcare of CA Antelope Valley Hospital for $2,294.00 they never sent me a itemized account of why the bill was so much. I explained to them I never received a bill from this Company and that I had no idea who this company is. This company threaten to send the mail to another dept and that that dept would start calling me all the time.... Read more

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I c systems....will not going to damage my credit report with false colection....i will going to repirted to ftc,state attorney general,consumeraffairs,experian,many more,i am not let them fxxx my credit report.i can be nice if we speak in a decent matter....but i am not happy with what i see right now Add comment

The company i c systems place a negative item of colection in my account experian.. I did not open no account , why this people doing this, they are violating my rights,i will suing them,i want someone to contact me about this sutuation i am *** off Add comment

  • Aug 06
  • Collection Agencies
  • Fairfield, Ohio
  • 86

All they do is call from different numbers on my cell phone. How did they get it. I dont give it to bills or debt collectors and i have no debt. Plus i have had this number for over 15 years so how can they say they are calling for someone who had the number before me? Ive had it for over 15 years and not one call until Monday... so this person never had my number before unless there trying... Read more

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  • Jul 01
  • Collection Agencies
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Ic System Collection Calls
  • 1
  • 1
  • 133

have gotten a call from this number 3-4 times and they always hang up...considering i already do not agree with surveiling legal american citizens and keeping tabs on americans phones i really got aggrevated when a guy name trent that told me they were looking for a sharon,i asked how he got my # cuz i am not sharon...he then said suzanne...couple more minutes into me explaining i just got this #... Read more

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I received a bill from IC systems which I have no idea about.this company is very shady and misleading.everyone should be cautious while dealing with them Add comment

  • Jun 23
  • Collection Agencies
  • Collection Calls
  • 223

Missed a call from a Virginia number...Called back and was told that I needed to verify my info. When I asked WHO IS THIS? All I got was IC Systems..I said Ok, what kind of business is this? I was told that they WILL NOT share that info UNLESS I verify who I am first, I refused, he hung up...I called back and told them I WILL NOT be giving out any of my personal info to someone that will not... Read more

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I got a call, wanted to pay it, asked when the bill was from, to make sure it was legit, IC lady starts asking why I don't read my mail. I hung up. Add comment

They are calling my job Add comment

  • May 29
  • Collection Agencies
  • Car Loan
  • 188

I C Systems calls me every day at least 3 times not even a break for Saturday or Sunday or holidays. I pay my credit card balance off every month paid my car loan off in 2 and half years not the 5 years it was financed. Pay for all dr dentist hospital bills at time of service. There is never anyone on the phone when I answer and never a message left on answering machine. This company is a total... Read more

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